GingerMan Raceway April 22-23 Weekend

Registration Instructions for GingerMan Raceway, Saturday and/or Sunday, April 22-23, 2023.
(*please note, all instructors have been allocated for this event- please do not register if you have no prior track experience*)

1) Please review the contents of our FAQ and required waiver and self-certification documents (found here) thoroughly. You will sign this at the track entrance!
PLEASE NOTE, beginning Nov. 1, 2019, PayPal will no longer refund the transaction fee to the customer or GPS Track Time. The current PayPal transaction fee is 3.49% + $0.49 ; this unfortunately means the maximum refunded will be your registration fee minus the PayPal transaction fee that PayPal keeps (3.49% + $0.49). GPS Track Time is sorry about this policy by PayPal!

*PLEASE NOTE: (1) if you drive a convertible with NO AFTERMARKET ROLL BAR, please shoot an email to before registering!* (2) Sorry no Instructors available anymore for this event (3) Sunday April 23 Registration will close on Sat. 4-22 at 9PM. Thank you!

2) To register for Sunday April 23 please use the PayPal link below and email with the subject header “Registration Request” thereafter, thank you!


SUNDAY April 23 Registration:

Sun. 4-23 Track Time Options

3)Please email with the subject header “Registration Request”.

Thank you for driving with us!
For Track Photos by NVUS, please use the PayPal button below. $36 for 1 day or $66 for both days!

NVUS options